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Platform Based Conductor Removal System

  • With 16 years’ experience and now the 5th Generation of tower being deployed to California, VersaUK offer a proven modularized platform-based tower system which can remove conductors in an extremely safe, cost and time efficient manner.

  • Provides for a Rig-less solution and saves costs.

  • Specifically designed for conductor removal operations (cutting/proving/pulling).

  • Bespoke solutions for potential height or crane limitations.

  • Modular design allows for easy transportation and installation (2-day assemble on platform).

  • Capability to lift numerous conductor pulls per day and up to 320St (Operational).

  • Ability to permit cutting, drilling, and pinning of Conductor at Deck Level.

  • Ability to lay-down cut section with or without Platform Crane Assistance.

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