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Umbilical, Riser and Chain Pulling

Photo; Design a Riser Pull-In system on the Appomattox platform. The system will consist of a custom riser bridge w/custom chain jack.
  • Versabar provides custom hydraulic winch-based systems for riser and umbilical pull-ins on Jackets, Spars, FPSOs and Semi-submersibles.

Versabar has installed over 150 risers and umbilicals in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore West Africa with loads up to 650 tons.

For higher loads Versabar transitions to chain jack solutions. Versabar will engineer and furnish a complete installation system beginning with basic functional specifications, outlining riser and umbilical weights and furnishing platform layout drawings.


  • Versabar’s scope of service includes detailed engineering and design of the pull-in system, equipment lay-out accounting for all platform interface issues, interfaces with the pipeline/umbilical installation contractor, fabrication of beam packages and turndown sheave support structures. Complete System Integration Testing and proof loading is also provided, along with installation and operation of the pull-in equipment.

Pulling Services Enquiries

For any enquiries, please email us on:

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