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  • Following the catastrophic hurricanes which ravaged the Gulf of Mexico in the 2000’s, Versabar developed game changing lifting solutions to remove infrastructure from the Gulf region.

  • A large number of topsides and jackets were destroyed and sunken to the sea bed, understandably needing safe removal to prevent environmental damage.

  • Versabar developed the VB-4000, and subsequently the VB-10000 to address the range of platforms due to be removed.

  • Following discussions with US and International Major Operators, Versabar developed the Claw structure to lift entire structures from the sea bed in a safe and efficient fashion.

  • The standing structures due for decommissioning were removed with a variety of lifting configurations using the lifting beams, and 4 block system that can identify the centre of gravity and distribute the weight evenly across all 4 blocks.

  • The removal techniques proved so safe, successful, time and cost efficient that Versabar have a phenomenal proven track history of over 200 topsides and/or jacket lifts in the Gulf of Mexico, with zero LTIs.

  • All lifts were performed in compliance with ABS and the US Coast Guard, and with the operator’s HSE requirements.

  • In addition to performing safe and efficient lifts, Versabar has delivered on the collaborative approach, by campaigning multiple assets across various operators to drive performance and reduce cost.

  • Versabar Inc and VersaUK aim to bring these learnings, case studies and innovation to the UK sector to support Heavy Lift requirements of up to 7,500 Tonnes.

  • The VB-10000 is the ideal candidate for Southern North Sea, Irish Sea, Dutch and Danish sectors due to the lift capacity, catamaran stability and efficiency.

Decommissioning Enquiries

For any enquiries, please email us on:

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