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With the VB-10000 VersaUK can support Heavy Lift solutions of up to 7,500Tn

Since her launch in 2010, the VB-10000 has safely supported 176 lifts in the Gulf of Mexico, both installation and removal projects

  • With her unique Catamaran system on four blocks, there is no question that the lifting solutions provided by the VB-10000 are cost and time efficient to minimise costly offshore preparatory work

  • Specification

    • ABS A1, Barge, HELIDK, DPS-3 & USCG certified HLV

    • DP3, Eight Retractable 1000 HP Thrustmaster Azimuthing Thrusters

    • Registered dimensions

    • LOA 84m x Breadth 95m x Depth 6m

    • Maximum hook height 53m

    • 50m between barges

    • Maximum Heavy Lift

    • Currently rigged for 7,500 short tons

    • Truss certified up to 10,000 short tons

    • Spread mooring winches installed for ultra shallow water needs

    • Heavy Lift operational availability up to 5ft significant wave height and wind speed of up to 30 knots

    • ABS & USCG hull inspection and re-certification completed in 2019 valid through to 2024

    • Ideally suited for regions such as the South East Asia, Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Southern North Sea, Mediterranean, West Africa and Brazil

VB-10000 Enquiries

For any enquiries, please email us on:

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