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With the VB-10000 VersaUK can support Heavy Lift solutions of up to 7,500Tn

Since her launch in 2010, the VB-10000 has safely supported 176 lifts in the GoM both installation and removal projects

  • With her unique Catamaran system on four blocks, the VB-10000 there is no question that the lifting solutions provided are cost and time efficient to minimise costly offshore preparatory work

  • Specification

    • ABS A1, Barge, HELIDK, DPS-3 & USCG certified HLV

    • DP3, Eight Retractable 1000 HP Thrustmaster Azimuthing Thrusters

    • Registered dimensions

    • LOA 84m x Breadth 95m x Depth 6m

    • Maximum hook height 53m

    • 50m between barges

    • Maximum Heavy Lift

    • Currently rigged for 7,500 short tons

    • Truss certified up to 10,000 short tons

    • Spread mooring winches installed for ultra shallow water needs

    • Heavy Lift operational availability up to 5ft significant wave height and wind speed of up to 30 knots

    • ABS & USCG hull inspection and recertification completed in 2019 valid through to 2024

    • Ideally suited for regions such as the South East Asia, Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Southern North Sea, Mediterranean, West Africa and Brazil

VersaUK Enquiries

For any enquiries, please email us on:

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